October 2005.

The weather was unseasonably warm this year so the leaves had not changed in their full glory as in 2003. I found myself focusing more on still life than nature as a result. I also struggled with lighting since it rained or was foggy almost the whole trip, but in a way, that more closely reflects life on the Maine coastline.

As before, most of the trip was in the Damariscotta and Boothbay area, with a short trek inland to get away from the coastal fog for a few shots.

The red-brick church is the oldest Catholic church remaining in the New England area.

On one of the photos of the sailboat, I radically altered the light/dark profile so that the darkest shades inverted to white, giving the ship and dock an eerie ghost-ship appearance.

The circular stairway is inside the Pemaquid Point lighthouse, as are the photos of the lighthouse Fresnel lens. I learned on this trip that this is the lighthouse featured on the "Maine" version of the US quarter coin. Since the lighthouse was fogged in on that day, I did not get any worthwhile outdoor pictures, but there are a few in my 2003 collection.

Hope you enjoy!